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What to wear...

As always when travelling you know better after returning - you would have needed half the luggage and twice the money!

Depending on the season of your yourney the needs vary. Most big hotels supply beach towels as well as towels in the bathroom. But you should bring one beach towel in case you want to go swimming somewhere else. A hairdryer is also standard in most hotels.

During the summer (June to September) it is very hot and the sun really burning. Bring light and loose chlothes to wear. Keep in mind that it might be cold in the plane, but up to 40 degrees Celsius in Antalya. Sitting in the transfer bus for 2-3 hours in your warm clothes is almost unbearable. So choose something for the trip you can easily take off. But never take off too much! Clothes do prevent sunburn and for your shopping and sightseeing tours please wear some decent clothing (just as you would wear at home). It is not very much appreciated to see half naked tourists walking through the towns, even though nobody will actually tell you. But decent clothing means more respect and that ends in lower prices.

At the beach you are (almost) free to wear or not to wear whatever you like. Women should not go topless or in mini bikini to the bar to get a drink, please put on a T-Shirt or so. You shouldn't enter the hotel restaurant for your meal in your swimsuits.

In the winter months you need some warmer clothing and a rainproof jacket and waterproof shoes. If you want to go trecking or sightseeing among the old ruins bring some good shoes, don't climb anywhere in beach slippers. In spring and autumn the nights can be quite cool and there might be no heating in your hotel, so bring warm pyjamas.