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All about Health

Nobody wants to get ill during a vacation, specially not in a foreign country where one doesn't know the language. Some simple measurements to avoid illness during your holiday in Kemer:

1. Sunbathing

Be aware of the powerful sunshine in Turkey. If you arrive here pure white and sleep after a night flight the first day in the sun near the pool, don't be surprised to get mayor sunburns and have to spent the next few days in a darkened hotel room trying to rest on the unburned parts of your body. Even in winter or on slightly overcast days you might get a sunburn. Bring some sun protection creme and use it a couple of times a day. That stuff is quite expensive in Turkey since it is mostly imported and you don't know wether the lotions or so offered in the shops didn't sit on those shelves for years.

2. Drink plenty of Water

We learned from doctors and nurses in Kemer, that one of the main reasons why people have to seek medical help is because of dehydration. You are sweating a lot and due to the light breeze at the sea you don't feel it. The tap water in Kemer is in principal drinkable, but I wouldn't recommend drinking lots of it. You can use it for brushing your teeth without problem. Drinking water (su) is sold everywhere in large bottles for a cheap prize. Mineral water (maden suyu) is only available in small bottles (0,2 L or 0,3 L), Gazos is not pure mineral water but a very sweat lemonade.

3. Food

We never got I'll from the food here. But we wouldn't buy open ice-cream sold at the side of the road (and then eat it), have a meal in a visible dirty restaurant (no matter how rustic the atmosphere is) and when we buy groceries we look for the date of expiry and for the date of production (I don't think that butter stays really fresh for 12 month). But if you should catch "Montezuma's curse" there is good medicine available in one of the plenty drugstores.

4. Swimming

Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea is good for your skin, but not neccesarily bathing in one of the pools, there is often to much chlorine in it (Motto: Much helps a lot).The amount of salt in the sea is quite high, swallowing to much might get you sick. Sensitive skin needs a shower after swimming in the sea.

Protect your inner ears with small greased cottonballs, the high humidity and the high temperatures often cause ear infections, specially with children.

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