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The weather in Kemer

Kemer is supposed to have 300 days of sunshine in the year, I didn't count them, but there are only a few days with no sunshine at all.

Summers are hot with no rain but sometimes very high humidity. Winter is mild (no frost) but quite wet. The high mountains in the west of the Kemer region block the cold winds and the sea levels the temperature. In this suptropical climate grow palm trees, plenty of flowers and all kind of citrus fruit.

The temperatures in the table show what you may expect throughout the year. They are taken from my own experience and not the usual "average of the month" from long term survey.

All temperatures in degrees Celsius








8 - 15

1 - 10


30 - 42

25 - 30


8 - 17

1 - 10


30 - 42

28 - 32


10 - 20

8 - 13


25 - 35

20 - 25


15 - 25

10 - 16


20 - 30

15 - 20


23 - 33

15 - 22


15 - 25

10 - 15


25 - 35

20 - 28


13 - 20

7- 13

It doesn't rain very often in Kemer, but if it does, it usually rains "cats and dogs" - lots of rain in a short time. After you have experienced that once you will understand why the sidewalks are so high up - to prevent flooding! Everybody here acts quite surprised when it rains so heavily and basements get flooded reguarly. Water managment ist pretty unknown.

Most buildings don't have a central heating system and the private houses are heated by small ovens that burn wood. Those hotels open all year usually heat with the air-conditioning system. Not everyone likes to be blown at with hot air all night long. Even if it is not very cold in winter, you have to heat to keep the humidity out of the house. But even in winter there are nice and bright sunny days with a fabulous view of the snowy mountains. The sea temperature drops to 15 degrees Celsius, some tourist still go swimming and enjoy the empty and quiet beaches with no noise from an eager animation team.

March and April remind a lot of German summer, temperatures around 20 during the day and cool nights. The locals still wear coats and pullovers while the tourist walk in shorts and T-shirts. There might be some rainy days but it is also the season of the flowers. The smell of the orange-flowers is overwhelming. Best time to travel for people who like trecking and sightseeing.

In May the touristic season will be officially opened, it gets from warm to hot and the sea is ready for swimming. From June on it is allways warm, day and night. July and August are very hot. Daytime high can be above 40 degrees and even during nighttime the temperature is above 30 degrees. The locals of the Kemer area used to pack their stuff and moved up into the mountains during the hot summer months. The sea temperature can reach 33 degrees.

In September temperature goes down a bit and after the first rainfalls towards the end of the month it gets cooler and more comfortable again. October and most of November have still very nice weather, good for swimming and other activities as well. Many hotels close in the first week of November, Kemer turns into a quiet town again.