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The online travel guide for the Turkish Mediterranean area of Kemer. You will get valuable information illustrated by many pictures about this holiday region in one of the most beautiful landscapes of the world. High mountains and the clear water of the sea, nice beaches and all kind of interestings sights are waiting for you.

Click on the different topics on the top bar for general information, Kemer and the neighbouring towns, different means of transportation and where to shop. The bars on the left will give you more details for each topic (some day in the future, when I translated all the German pages...) By clicking on the small pictures right you can get a larger version of the images (but still downsized for faster upload).


Most pages are available in German only, but please enjoy the pictures! Some Slightshows contain plenty of pictures.

Kuzdere Schlucht - Alte Brücke Der Tahtali Berg

Wochenmarkt Phaselis Olbia-Park Alte Brücke Tahtali Seldschuken Jagdhaus

Fußgängerzone in der Hafenstraße
Marina at Night
Antik Bridge
Tahtali Mountain
New Fountain
Kemer Moonlight Strand im Sommer